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. a possible norovirus outbreak, i will tell you how to keep yourself protected. an announcement came just hours ago. whata popular website will be revealing about restaurants starting today and it may make you think twice before you
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choose your restaurant. plus, president barack obama has unveiled his gun control program and what he wants the american people to do now. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, thursday january 17th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve it sounds mild through the weekend. high temperatures are warming up as well and inland it is kind of a damp cold, 20s in livermore, fairfield is close, santa rosa 28, redwood city 34 and it does feel warmer coast and bay and we will be on the high side with some lower 60s. here is sal. driving through it is getting more crowded through antioch and pittsburgh and also the bay bridge, they cleared
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the stalled vehicle but traffic is still slow and metering lights are on and we will have more of an update coming up in a few minutes. the outbreak of the norovirus has hit the county. it hit an elementary school just last week, paul has more on what you can do. >> reporter: this has not been confirmed yes, and it is a suspected case of norovirus. this is the school behind me and it is burton valley elementary school and the possible outbreak is one of the largest outbreak in contra costa. students were absent on friday and that's ten times the numbers of absences on a typical day. many students reported symptoms which some call the stomach flew. some say norovirus is not
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related to the influenza virus. it is extremely contagious and many have been absent from stanley middle school. this time last year contra costa valley reported cases with in the first two months of the year however an interesting note is that schools are not required to report it and once they pinpoint the origin or that it's happening at the school, the virus is something that can come in contact but to avoid it wash your hands with soap and water. do not use hand san advertisers because many do not fight -- sanitizer because many of them do not fight that virus.
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we will have more on what is causing the problem here, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. some say it's not too late to get a flu shot. they say it is one of the worst seasons in years. some are normal in the north bay but doctors are still encouraging everyone to be vaccinated and they do say it takes up to two weeks to become affective. a boeing 737 dreamliner jet just hours ago they were grounded in europe because of safety concerns. that order applies to all european airlines for the 737 dreamliner and it will remain in effect in the problem of battery fires are resolved. >> you have a real worry of a
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fire on the 787. >> right now one polish airline which is the only one flying the 787s. there is a dreamliner flight scheduled for tomorrow and we will have much more on this story later on in this hour. they are asking for the public's help in finding a missing teen. she was last seen on friday and investigators believe she may be headed to livermore. she is 5 feet tall with brown eyes. they are looking for health ratings in restaurants and tara moriarty is outside of a popular san francisco diner with the latest on what they are doing. >> reporter: they look at how
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they are scoring it and it is open 24 hours and some customers give it the thumbs up. it was a plan initiated to make government information more easy to access. he hopes it will improve them and when how customers rate it, you really can't say how it is rated. >> especially restaurants. people are picky about what goes in their food and who is around there so it may make people feel more comfortable about eating it. >> reporter: here in san francisco, restaurant lobbyists defeated that plan but those who secured a ratings and the number of food born illnesses went down. they will be rated on a 100
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point scale and the mayor will making an announcement where he serves as the chair of technology and innovation. >> he is putting pressure on congress and the president unveiled his proposals yesterday aimed at reducing gun violence. analysts say it will be tough getting any gun control legislation through and they are demanding action. >> what is more important, doing whatever it takes to get an "a" grade or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> among other actions the president is urging congress to reinstate the assault weapons from 2004 the national rifle association is already attacking the president's
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proposal. right here in the bay area we asked what they think about the proposals. >> i think anybody in america does not need assault rifles or high capacity rounds. >> in general, i disagree with the high capacity mags, i think we ought to have them and i should have a 100 round mag. why not? >> everybody agreed all gun buyers should have background checks. the university of california will be at the meeting to present a petition calling for the lifting of caps on student health insurance. governor jerry brown will be at the uc meeting and it will be at the mission bay compass. they are -- campus. they are calling for lifting the caps as president barack obama called for in the
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overhaul. right now there is a lifetime coverage cap of $400,000. the student group said that is not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. back over to sal, there is a problem on the bay bridge, how is it looking, sal? >> a truck lost a wheel, westbound bay bridge right before treasure island in one of the lanes and they finally got it out of the way but the traffic took awhile to recover because they had a lane block for more of an hour. if slow on the bridge it is recovering and head to turn the metering lights on early and we had to back it up. now if there is a normal routine, i think you will need extra time and the backup is about 15 to 20 minutes when normally at this time it is a lot less. it is about double what it normally is and taking a look at the peninsular, traffic on southbound 101 looks good and
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it has not changed. about eight minutes, 280 is open from the peninsular, let's go to steve. a little bit of fog, a little haze fog, the lows have been coming up for those bayside and coast. but inland, they are still in the upper 20s and a dry forecast, no sign of a change, and there is a hint of a system sweeping by then, but otherwise hazy sun and a lot of deep low pressure systems and that will generate a great surf which is why they are not going. and in the full of a class -- in the gulf of alaska, look how strong the field is and it will be headed towards our seas over
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the next three to four days. temperatures 30s and 40s for some and others. and some upper 20s for a few is being reported and the jetstream stays to the north for now. inland once that fog sets up and you get a little east breeze, it is tough to get out of the 50s, yet coast and bay in parts of the santa clara valley, 60s and 60s for cupertino half-moon bay and it will be close for others in palo alto mountain view and coast and bay looks sunny and mild to warm. the colorado movie theater which was the scene of that deadly shooting, we will have more on that meeting and why some of the victims' families may not a ten.
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49ers playoff fever, wait until you see how fans are showing their ever lasting support for the team.
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. the debate over gun control in washington d.c. is far from over. they are pressing congress to move forward with legislation. in the meantime they are attacking the president's plan
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and kyla campbell reports the group is not backing down. >> reporter: the nra called the president an elitist hypocrite. >> why is he putting it in our schools? >> reporter: they sunk to a new low with that ad but the president did the same thing, using elementary school kids as props during the announcement yesterday. nra has a lot of supporters on both sides of the aisle and they are pooling to the campaign. members of the congress will have to examine their own conscience when reviewing legislation but there are still many who do support the
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president's proposals. i will have more on what they are doing next, kyla campbell, washington d.c. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we will hear more on the president's next chief of staff and some say it will be dennis mcdonald. he will replace jack lew who is nominated of course for treasury secretary. and plans will be announced for trains on the new high speed rail project. they will be holding a conference in washington d.c. and they will announce they are working together to get high speed rail trains and new equipment. some are holding a very unique contest which holds a billion dollar contract with those that are digging. voters can pick from a list of 5 names and there are women who help shape the list of san francisco.
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they include mary ellen pleasant and lilly hitch connect known for firefighting and the big tower. the event will end next wednesday. he tried to grab a three- year-old girl right out of her mother's arms. take a look at the stretch. the man is described as latino with jeans and a yellow striped shirt at the time. their daughter was playing outside when the man walked up and complemented her daughter's beauty. he tried to pull the girl from her arms and she managed to break free. a man accused of killing another man is being held in the killing ever 28-year-old eric. the two were seen leaving the district in june. he was found later bound and
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gagged in his apartment. the home had been burglarized. the scene of the deadly massacre reopens today. it has been six months since he killed 12 people an injured a dozens more -- injured dozens more. here is more on why some people are not happy about this, good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, you are so right about that. there are many families who say this was handled in bad taste by cinema which owns the theater and they have now don't come meet renovations and they have been asked to remain back here so i am unable to look at that but where many of the victims died, they have been renovated from floor to screen. from the get go, they say
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cinema has not offered an appropriate apology in their view for a lot of how this happened, but still many who were close to the victims will be coming tonight and the ceremony will be called even evening of rememberance. and for first sponsors for many who were touched. now there was a survey done back in august which was sent to residents of this community here in aurora and they do want this theater to reopen and they do want to move on and even some close to the victims say it will be an important step tonight as far as moving on with the rest of their lives. the governor will be here as well to make a few remarks and everybody is hoping to make that next step towards healing. reporting live from aurora,
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back to you. back here at home, local tattoo shops are seeing a jump in their business from 49ers fans. customers want them like the ones on others and they sold 300 t-shirts on those tattoos. here is that phrase against all odds on the chest and st. michael battling the devil on the back. and stay tuned for all coverage on the can't beyond -- championship games. 12 have more between the atlanta falcons which starts at noon and after that the point after which starts with mark raul ibanez. it will be a great start to the day. finally, that stalled truck
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was cleared but it did leave a backup twice as long as it normally is for this hour. i know how most people are, you have your commute and routine but this morning you will have to add an extra 10 or 15 minutes. it is not a huge problem because it is gone but lately, the commute has been getting better. if you can't wait, it should be nice and some people can adjust their scheduled and work from home. also the morning commute that looks okay and if you want to take an alternate route to the san mateo, it is not bad right now and you can still catch that win i do and san mateo bridge look good all the way to 101, let's go to steve. wouldn't it be nice to work from home once in a while. >> yes, i would like to report from my living room.
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no doubt about it coast and bay patrick redwood shores, passive can is noticeably warmer because of that east wind and yet that east wind makes it a damp cold wind for some. everything is expected to go up and over he but hayward is reporting some cold out to the valley. we have gone from dry and told and because of that east wind, temperatures have been warming up. it means fog is falling. fairfield was 28, 28 in novato, half-moon bay, redwood city 40 and that's more than what we have seen in awhile but more of an easterly breeze right there in oakland and that's an east win, that is a down slope and a warmer pattern but that fog can
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be tough to burn off, so fog sun wild for a -- mild for a few and killly and -- chilly and damp for others. and 69 in san rafael and 60 in afternoon bay, gilroy 62 and fog will be increasing to the east and north bay but also the coast looks sunny and mild and warm. well the story of oscar grant is one of them and it is set to take the spotlight at the sun dance film festival. see how discuss company is coming to the rescue of some of his favorite animals. [ crickets chirping ]
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. welcome back, i love this story, meet a penguin and they recreated -- they created a website. he lost all of his feathers due to malting. they created a supreme wet suit so he could play outside with
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the other penguins. one is fruit veil, which takes a look at the shooting. the other is steve jobs starting ashton kuchar. and palo alto native jeremy lynn. also kink, a story about a san francisco based pornography company. quite the gamut of films. >> quite the guam mut, i have -- gamut, i have a little bit of film watching to do. i would give the commute a "b" plus, bay bridge is out early but san jose looks good getting up to 17 and we are off to a good start in santa clara valley and 101 as well. sunole grade looks good and we have had a couple of rough days
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and keep your fingers crossed, bart is now back on time after some earlier issues. let's go to steve. it is still a damp cold a little bit of patchy fog but it's much warmer in the city and in fact i saw some 47- degree readings along the embarcadero which is very mild. highs today mid-50s to a few low 60s, pam. coming up next, we are following a developing situation in algeria. what happened this morning at a natural gas facility where dozens of hostages were being held. also some of the best companies to work for right here in the bay area, we have a little lift coming up and the onlying bell is about to ring -- opening bell is about to ring on some of the stocks to watch, we will be right back.
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. welcome back. they are just ringing the opening bell and ebay is looking to its earnings report and apple is recovering, it dropped below $500 per share so we will have all the business news coming up. >> all right, we will go ahead and smile and say good morning to you, it is thursday january 17th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now 6:30, we are following breaking news from al jazeer. they reported 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers have been killed. they claim the deaths were a result of a helicopter attack on the natural gas plant where hostages were being held. the algerian government is not
6:33 am
commenting after militants ambushed that plant. hours ago there were reports that some hostages had escaped including some americans but there is no update on that group. back here at home, a possible norovirus outbreak in contra costa and residents are warned to take extra precautions. paul chambers is in lafayette, dozens of students may have been affected by this, what do you know? >> reporter: that is correct, and in about two hours we expect to speak with parents and teachers and we are here in lafayette where the possible norovirus possibly happened and it is still yet unconfirmed. published reports say this may be one of the largest active cases in contra costa county. hundreds were absent on friday and that's ten times the number
6:34 am
of absences on a typical day. norovirus is not related to the influenza virus and custodians spend the entire day scrubbing classrooms because the virus is extremely couldn't stage yours. -- contagious. this time last year nearly 30 schools in contra costa county have reported suspected cases within the first two months of the year however an interesting note is that schools are not required to report norovirus outbreaks and officials have not pinpointed the origin for confirmed it but they are working with health county leaders. now i will tell you according to the contra costa county health department, the way that you keep yourself clean or from spreading it is to wash your hands with soap and water do
6:35 am
not use the anti-bacterial sanitizer because many of them do not fight that virus. we will speak with the health department and find out what exactly -p was the case at this -- exactly the case here at school and we will talk with parents and faculty to figure out what is going on. live in lafayette, ktvu channel 2 morning news paul chambers. starting tomorrow restaurants will appear on a popular website and here is more on the city's move to push food safety. >> reporter: you have to go to the city's -- hold on one second. we have to go to the city's website and you have to try to figure out exactly where they keep them throughout all these records and it can be time consumer so starting with
6:36 am
yellp, it is all part of the initiative to make government information easier to access. he hopes it will improve food safety nationwide. you can see how expensive a dish is and how customers rate it but you can't find out about its rating from the public health department. if you saw a rating that was low would it make you think twice? >> yes, but you would see a trend, bad comments, good comments, good health. >> reporter: restaurants displayed grade cards and here in san francisco, they defeated that plan. the eateries in l.a. had a ratings and made more money and the number of food born illness actually went down.
6:37 am
ed lee serves as the chairman of innovation and coming up, we will be talking to more customers to get more feedback on this issue. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it federal inn -- federal inspectors say the levees are still in danger of failing. that includes a 42-mile levee along the mexican rivers. levee failure there would have catastrophic events and they say they need $12 billion more to finish the job they started. lance armstrong was just stripped of a bronze olympic metal. he won a metal during the games
6:38 am
in australia. for more than ten years he strongly denied he ever used performance enhancing drugs but tonight lance armstrong will come clean in an interview with oprah and it will be broadcast tonight. he was duped by a very elaborate hoax. monte had a girlfriend and we will have more about the latest scandal that is rocking the area. and we go to janine de la vega with she tails about mortgage tune magazines top 100 companies. here is more. >> reporter: i asked people what they thought ranked number one on the list and every person i spoke to ranked
6:39 am
google. it is the 4th time it happened and several are riding these free bikes and you can see it scattered around campus and it helps them get around. let's look at the companies headquartered in the area. nasdaq, sales, sb financial ranked in the top 40, adobe, and cisco made it to the top 100. they are asking employees about management credibility, job sat faction and -- sat faction and camaraderie. we spoke to one tech worker who doesn't work there what he thought about the list. >> it makes me feel like i have a lot of opportunities here. if you work hard, you can end up in one of those companies and you can do it. >> reporter: google ranked high
6:40 am
because they offer employees free massages and free food and free sports complexes. there are extra bonuses for vacation time and benefits for same sex partners. we will tell you interviews about what it takes to work at a company like this. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. still some problems on the bay bridge? >> yes, a truck lost a wheel on the upper deck and we will be seeing a bigger delay at the toll plaza bigger than it normally is. now it's more like 25 minutes unless you are in one of those carpool lanes getting into san
6:41 am
francisco. if you are driving to the jerry san mateo bridge, if we look at the map it does look good. i want to mention between 238 and mauerry avenue, it is ramping up to 20 minutes drive time and that's getting more congested by the moment. let's go to steve e. >> i would say a warmer -- let's go to steve. >> i would say half-moon bay airport all in the upper 40s, 50s in some inland locations having to do with that damp fog. inland should be warmer and we have a dip in the jetstream but
6:42 am
if north bay and south bay could be fine and the east bay wind is not going anywhere. it is more like the 50s because of that fog and especially towards concord santa rosa, half-moon bay, i just looked and there it is at 10 miles per hour. that will do it even in offshore and it really helped not much changing instead. temperatures continue to warm up, east breeze and that makes it to the coast, 50s and 60s here. 54 antioch and 62 in oakland alameda berkeley 61, sunny veil 62 santa cruz 63 and 60s on the coast and upper 50s on the peninsular and it is a different kind of pattern but it is in place and i don't
6:43 am
think it changes any time soon. >> thank you steve. well the building excite about -- excitement about president barack obama's inauguration. why the president's big day has a special meaning for two bay area women. and the plane is called the dreamliner but it is actually a nightmare for airlines and passengers. we will tell you why the newest plain will be grounded for a while. we will tell you about the backup at the bay bridge, stay tuned for more.
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. good morning, san jose, clear skies, some low 30s. temperatures are warming up, coast and bays in 60s. a possible norovirus outbreak in contra costa county and residents you are asked to take extra precautions. just last friday dozens became sick and health officials believe norovirus is to blame. in just a couple of
6:47 am
minutes, mayor ed lee will be posting announcements on yellp. the consumer website. the mayor hopes it will improve transparency and make food safer all over the city. and president barack obama is expecting to get his gun control proposals passed by congress. he wants people to put pressure to counter act gun lobbyists interests. and the european safety agency has grounded the troubled jet following the same move by japan, india and the united states. ktvu channel 2 morning news' brian floor resident is at san jose to tell us how the bay area is affected by all of this, brian? >> reporter: the san jose dreamliner is now being grounded until investigators figure out what is going on
6:48 am
with the 787 dreamliner and what is going on. the press ordered all 787 grounded until it is fixed just days ago they touted those planes but they may have to make other arrangements and others announced their groundings of the 787 because of batteries. they have had problems four times and we understand those flights have been on hold until further notice. earlier on the inaugural flight on the dreamliner, here is what he had to say. from what we understand from the dreamliner, it is probably a one or two week delay and it's going to be an
6:49 am
inconvenience for one or two weeks and then we are back up and running. >> reporter: a lot of passengers may be disappointed and again we will stay on top of the investigation and see if those passengers will have to be diverted. for now, i am brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a linebacker nfl player said he a was announced he was inspired by his girlfriend who died of leukemia, but now they have found out he conspired to trick people into believing she died tragically. >> in many ways, he was the perfect mark because he was the guy who was so willing to
6:50 am
believe in others. >> now the sports website which broke the story reports that a friend of his couldn't connected the girl -- made up the girlfriend and he continued to further his image. we have a -- we will have have a live report coming up on that scandal. it will be especially personal for two bay area person who work owned the -- persons who worked on the campaign. joan brown picked up her inauguration -- inauguration teacher. pamela maze mcdonald is also preparing to fly to washington d.c. and she was also at the president's first inauguration. >> i am hoping it will not be as cold as it was the last time. the temperatures will were terrible even in the good
6:51 am
sections where my tickets were, where people were just freezing. >> and we worked so hard. i can't stop grinning and standing in front of the freezer to see what it is going to feel like outside in 32- degree weather. >> by the way both women hope to carry out the president's vision. not just adults will be going to the president's inauguration. there is a young boy from antioch who is very excited to go as well. >> there he is coming up, the two specific questions this junior olympian will be asking president barack obama if he gets a chance to talk to him. make sure you stay right here for all of the coverage and
6:52 am
kyla campbell and ken pritchett will be in washington d.c. bringing us live reports beginning sunday on mornings on 2. >> it's going to be great. it has been a little slow getting into the city, sal has the reasons why. >> there is a because of an earlier truck stall but the reasons why, you will notice this is taking a little longer and a lot of people are this time obviously. northbound 101 it still looks pretty good, let's go to steve. turn around and look at the screen, it is very mild for some on the coast and also inland it is kind of cold. are getting 20s to 50
6:53 am
degrees and the half-moon bay is looking good. we have an offshore breeze and easterly breeze which is definitely in place and it is also bringing back fog and that means a wide range of temperatures. i just heard from mark, tweetty in vallejo, if you get that, it can be told for system and cold for others. otherwise it is a slow warmup. dare i say it will be warm and we have an hour at the half- moon bay airport just looked at it. offshore breeze half-moon bay equals 50-degrees right now. so you may get some of that fog and it is a cold damp fog which is starting to develop. so it will be cold for some
6:54 am
warm for others east bay emoryville over to the city and even north bay temperatures are starting to see a return of the 60s. mid-50s for some especially out to the valley 63 and nice on the coast and even warmer on the peninsular and temperatures on the peninsular are warming up as well. no change over the weekend except for thicker fog. thieves robbing pharmacies all over the country and how they are trying some high tech to catch robbers and put them in jail. we will talk about the conditions making it possible. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, dow jones is up 37 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are about the same about a quarter of a percent. san francisco police may turn to a high tech approach to stop pharmacy robberies, pain killers can cost up to $40 a pill out on the streets. two pharmacies were robbed just this week while the wall greens was robbed last month. they are now planting gps
6:58 am
devices in an effort to track drug thieves. back home today, a noon protest is planned in san francisco right outside the federal courthouse. activists are protecting the nudity ban due to take affect february 1st. the judge will hear a class action lawsuit by nudists and it exempts events like the beta breakers. and go ahead on the surfing contest in half-moon bay, this is the first time in three years they can do this, the waves are expected to grow into monsters by this weekend. spectators are not allowed after somebody was injured in 2010 but they will hold a spot where people with watch and
6:59 am
49ers contest will be held on the big screen television. dave, pam, westbound bay bridge toll place did is backed up -- plaza is backed up to 15 to 20 minutes and san mateo does look good >> >> warmer and some moisture means a little bit of fog. 20s for a few and we have a big difference in our temperatures, some mid-50s others have mid- 60s. a tense hostage drama involving americans, dozens have died and we have a you will the details. also a big health problem at a bay area school, we will tell you what is making students sick. stay with us.

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